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Customizable Rabbit Avatar #VRChatChallenge

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After a year of making avatars for VRChat, I felt this was the contest for me as VRC was my introduction to Unity and character modelling. In that time I’ve not only improved in modelling but optimization for VR as well.

With a single mesh and material, this rabbit is quite customizable.
Using a custom Unity script, you’re able to easily set:
-Weight and Muscle mass separately
-Fur, eye, clothing, and accessory colors separately
-Custom logos to the shirt and each of the buttons
Additional things:
-Full-body support
-Dynamic Bone settings for the ears, hair, and tail
-Custom toon shader with rim-light and fur effects
-8.5k polygons
-2k Handpainted textures
-Full array of speech visemes
-Spawn animation with particle effects
-~15mb download once uploaded to VRC
-All within an easy-to-import UnityPackage
-Single easy-to-use Unity Prefab

Printer b concept
Printer b 1
Printer b 2